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Signs of Conception

To know if you are pregnant or not you can use a number of methods, here we briefly describe them.

The signs of conception are the following:

Late menstruation?

You should not rely on this method for detecting conception, unless you know for sure when you had ovulation and know what is the length of your second (luteal) phase. Menstrual cycle consists of two phases, the length of the first may vary, depending on a number of criteria, while the second is nearly constant. So, if menstruation is late it can be that the first stage is longer than usual.

Thus, to find out if period is missing due to conception, you need to know the time of ovulation and how long is the second phase of your cycle.

How to identify menstruation delay and BBT rise

If you regularly chart BBT and other parameters, then you will have enough information to detect early signs of conception and pick the right time to take a pregnancy test. You can do that using the Cyclendar.com online service. It will help you to identify the day of ovulation, calculate your luteal phase length and determine late menstruation and your BBT patterns.

HCG Test False Positives

There are situations when HCG is secreted due to other reasons (such as the result of taking hormonal contraceptives or illness), this could lead to a false positive of a home pregnancy test. So, you need to see other signs, described above to make sure if you are pregnant.

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