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Ovulation and Conception

Here we consider a healthy couple, so the woman doesn't have any problems with ovulation, has non-blocked fallopian tubes and so on, and the man also doesn't have any problems with the sperm quality.

Sometimes it doesn't work out

At the first glance it is easy to achieve a pregnancy. And if there are no known obstacles, what can be easier than sperm and egg meet each other? But it is not uncommon that a healthy couple may be trying to conceive for months and get no result. The key to the problem here is the timing of intercourse. Conception can take place only during ovulation, giving a window of about 3 days. Hard work, stress, problems - and the crucial time could be missed, and thus the whole menstrual cycle altogether. The next chance will be given only in 28 (or how long is your cycle) days.

So it is important to make sure you have sex on the day of ovulation or at most two days before it. And taking into account the fact that the men need up to two days to regenerate their sperm reserves, we see that the timing should be selected carefully.

Conception strategy

To become pregnant you need to know exactly when your ovulation will happen, and your strategy could be like the following:

Day Generic strategy   Boy strategy   Girl strategy
6 days before -   YES   -
5 days before -   -   -
4 days before -   -   -
3 days before YES   -   YES
2 days before -   -   YES
1 day before YES   YES   -
ovulation day YES   YES   -

The days when you need to have sex are marked as "YES".

Though it actually depends on your partner, but you need to abstain from intercourse for about 3-4 days in advance. The abstinence is needed to allow the man to produce enough healthy motile sperm.

When two days have passed from ovulation, having sex will not help you, because there will be no female egg by that time. So we have not mentioned days after ovulation in the chart above.

See more about girl and boy strategy here.

How to calculate the day of ovulation

Ovulation can be determined by the following things:

There is a service to help you

Cyclendar.com is the web service which will help in your task of tracking the cycle, identification of the days suitable for conception, and, finally, getting pregnant.

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