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doctor and patient
Designed for every woman, Cyclendar.com is a web service that will keep track of your menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Whether your goal is to achieve a pregnancy or to avoid one, Cyclendar.com will help to calculate your ovulation, fertile and infertile days, thus giving you the information you need. Implementing all features of the Natural Family Planning, Cyclendar.com is a simple to follow birth control method.

Many gynecologists require that you track your cycle and take the charts on your visit to them. Having your full information is a key to a diagnosis and correct treatment.


  • Help in getting pregnant
  • Forecast ovulation and fertile days, get early pregnancy symptoms
  • Due date is automatically calculated
  • Birth control tool, avoid unwanted conception
  • Track your cycle, calculate menstruation days 
  • Track your pregnancy
  • Forecast "safe sex" days
  • Plan important events: vacations, wedding, trips, etc
  • Track your cycle on the go with our print-out charts
  • Share your information with your partner or with your physician

News & Updates

  • 2005-10-25. v 1.8 - Better pregnancy handling
  • 2005-10-17. v 1.6 - Intercourse schedule and goal are added
  • 2005-10-02. v 1.5 - The wizard for new users is added, demo is changed so users can enter their data
  • 2005-09-03. All user data go through secure protocol only

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Live demo: how it works


  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • Effective and accurate
  • Your data are safe
  • Better than paper calendaring / charting. Info >
  • Better than basic online calculators. Info >
  • Much less hassle than with shareware program. Info >


  • Symptothermal and calendar methods of fertility awareness
  • Automatically calculates statistics
  • Automatically detects ovulation
  • Takes into account hormonal pills, ovulation tests, BBT, cervix position and cervical fluids
  • Forecasts future periods and fertile days
  • Shows information table, which gives all significant alerts, information and hints
  • Automatically calculates due date
  • Creates charts for complete / current cycle[s] or for any selected date range
  • Tracks pregnancy
  • Calendar is easy to navigate and read
  • Print-out charts for taking records offline
  • Adjust your settings
  • Adjust advanced cycle settings

Technical details

  • See demo
  • See Help
  • Browser requirements
    • Must support Javascript
    • Images must be turned on, as they are part of calendar coloring
    • Screen resolution: 800x600 or higher is recommended
    • Must support CSS and DOM
    • Must support HTTPS
  • Internet Explorer 5+ and Firefox are OK, other browser may be compatible too
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